Drop The Bridezilla act

2019 is no doubt the year of the ‘self love club’ or recognising that your own mental health and well being is way more important than any job or task in hand. So why let bad thoughts around wedding planning turn you in to a bridezilla? 2019 is the year of the bridechilla – yes it’s a thing! Its even in the urban dictionary & there are plenty podcasts for brides to be who believe in the ‘fuck it’ attitude. www.thebridechilla.com

“A bride that remains calm, cool, and collected during her entire wedding experience. Bridechillas never use phrases such as “my day, the most important day of my life, don’t ruin my day, etc.” A bridechilla is not defined by her wedding, rather she is likely taking part in the experience simply to have a super drunken hen party.”

To be less ‘Zill’ & become more ‘Chill’ a bride simply needs to EMBRACE the whole process of planning. Feeling less obliged to over spend or to invite everyone on the never ending guestlist.

Ditch Tradition

In a world of weddings it’s easy to believe that ‘tradition’ must be followed. Mate its 2019. Ditch the something blue & focus on what really matters – creating a day of magic for you and your partner.

Don’t be fooled by the checklists out there of ‘When you should have this done by’ – Feel free to use as a guideline but never feel like you need to abide by them like they are rules?

Its your wedding – if your like me – rules are there to be broken.

Find a celebrant and getting married on the moon! You do you boo XD!

Pressure of Perfection

Your world of ‘Perfect’ should be different to others. Don’t let the world of social media fool you. If your idea of perfect means a small gathering of 20 with close friends & family. GO FOR IT. If perfection for you means wearing a multi-coloured wedding dress. What’s stopping you? Sit down with your partner and outline what will make YOUR day YOUR kind of PERFECT. Keep that close to your heart.

Communicate & Delegate

To be more chill – you need to ditch the ideas of feeling like it’s only YOUR wedding. Bridezilla mode will instantly turn on as soon as you start taking on every wedding task under the sun. This is hard for most brides. But in order to enjoy the day to it’s full potential – you need to let go by delegating areas to friends, family or a planner.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help on that DIY area of the wedding or to involve your partner on areas that should concern him.

Especially if you wedding is DIY in a blank canvas venue – considering a wedding co-ordinator to organise the day so you can sit back and soak it all up, should be an option.

Be more Zen

Find your ‘Zen’ – If yoga and meditation is for you by all means replace day of planning for a day of relaxation. Being able to exhale wedding stress in a form of meditation or yoga is great way to clear your mind of any bad thoughts around your wedding that may creep in. We’re all human its completely normal.

Or your zen could be purely just ‘You’ time. In a hectic world of work life balance, kids & wedding stress, sometimes an hour or two to yourself to gather all your thoughts and to execute a plan can be all you need in order to help clear your mind from wedding fog.

Now who’s feeling more relaxed?


Emma x

Emma Jordan