Newly Engaged in 2019?

With Christmas and New Year festivities coming to a close and the waistband is feeling pretty tight, you’re With Christmas and New Year festivities coming to a close and the waistband is feeling pretty tight, you’re to work after a long indulgent 2 weeks off AND your boyfriend proposed at midnight? Where do you start?

With those Happy New Year text messages flooding through and your boss is already texting you about work related issues – you’re wondering if you should broadcast the news all over social media or do you soak up all the amazingness between you and your partner or are you quick to the mark updating your status with a photo of your gorgeous ring and beaming smile! Both answers are totally and completely CORRECT! When your fella pops the question you want to scream from the rooftops so every single person in the world knows! It’s hard to contain your excitement because now you get to focus on what will be the best day of your life. But how do we streamline all these crazy wedding related thoughts when you’re currently 500 comments deep on your Facebook full of congratulations – but all you can think about is colour schemes & Pinterest!

Hold it right there sister – This is where I can help. With being in this position myself I only wish I had an experienced/married version of myself to tell me that throwing my wedding notes across the room when I couldn’t settle on a table plan or scrolling on Pinterest at 3AM when I had a busy work day ahead wasn’t the answer.

You haven’t even set a date yet – so all these questions flooding around your brain. Destination Wedding? DIY? Should we have a theme? Summer or Winter? are bound to stress you out.

All of these ideas and thoughts are completely normal – before you get sucked into the Pinterest world, of such images which are mainly posed/staged/unrealistic – It’s not hard to train your wedmin focused brain from ‘How on earth do I do this?’ into the bridechilla you always saw yourself being saying ‘I got this!’

For me I looked online for a Wedding Checklist. Luckily for you guys – in my time of planning – I created my own modified checklist which I can offer you! This will help streamline your thoughts on prioritising tasks and remembering everything will fall into place when you set a date.

So when should I set a date?

I’d recommend sitting down with your partner to discuss a budget/rough guestlist/would a destination wedding be an option? Most importantly do this for you – it’s best to determine early on on what you can your partner can afford, as Weddings don’t come cheap! I’d also recommend looking into creating a spreadsheet (Which I can also offer!:)) as its the smaller things which creep up on you in the last few months. So finding a venue you can both comfortably afford and save for will help take the pressure off both of you.

My biggest regret myself was getting too excited too soon without weighing up all my options and doing all my research – With be being in planning now I’ve had a lot more time on my hands to research into DIY venues & local suppliers. However in the heat of the moment I picked the most expensive venue in the height of summer (Which don’t get my wrong – it was the most magical day) Looking back I think with someone pointing me in the right direction of budget I could have dealt with a lot of things differently.

Ok, so what about the fun stuff?

I bet reading this you’re thinking – Well what about the decor? The centre pieces? The florals!? The best way to streamline your thoughts is to establish your own unique style and to create a mood-board. I’m talking the printing out and sticking together type mood-board to really get those juices flowing.

I started by thinking about styles I personally like myself. Do I want to go down the generic ‘hessian sacks & wooden signs’ style – or can I incorporate my unique style in a day that represents my relationship & the styles that make me happy?

Don’t worry if you’re sat there thinking – Whats my thing? I’m sure one meeting with me and i’ll be able to work out what makes you YOU – and what ideas you can incorporate on your big day.

After trawling different Instagram pages & spending hours on Pinterest trying to find what was more ‘me’ Heres a few examples of images that really got me feeling creative. 

It wasn’t easy drawing it all to a head – it took two years of trying to understand what would be manageable, affordable and amazing. It may not look ‘Pinterest Posed’ but that’s the beauty of it. How you execute you ideas and watching it come to life is the most beautiful thing.

I challenge you to do the same – I’d love to see your boards.


Emma x

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