Hi Everyone, I’m Emma Jordan! 


I know you’re all thinking, who is the face behind the designs? Can I really put my faith in her hands when it comes to planning the most memorable day of my life? (No pressure ey?) 


This is why I wanted to take some time out to introduce myself to you guys properly, you know the type of stuff you’d find out on a good old Instagram stalk. I’m offering it here to you, straight from the horses mouth! I do love to meet all my couples directly after your first enquiry e-mail for a cuppa (or a gin, you decide!) so you can get to know me properly. There’s absolutely zero charge for a first meeting, so if you’re unsure on, if hiring a wedding planner is for you, lets meet! 

"I get such a buzz from meeting newly engaged couples who are about to embark on a whole new chapter, it excites me most that I can be involved in some way to tie up all your amazing and personal ideas and execute them through your wedding day"


 The reason I do what I do, is because I love people. I’ve always worked in customer facing roles, from a shoe sales assistant to restaurant management, there’s something about giving something back to the people that I’ve always enjoyed from a really young age. 


Whether it’s making someone smile with a simple love heart design on their coffee to even helping them through honesty to help them find a pair of shoes that looks great on them! I’ve always loved being that smiley, helpful girl in customer service that thrives off seeing others happy. It’s true when I say that colleagues have questioned why I can still be so happy and smiley, even for 5:30AM starts. It’s cool to be kind! 

I’ve always had an eye for creativity – whether it be showing my personality through interior design or fashion – I’ve loved being able to express myself in that way. When it came to planning my own wedding it was my perfect excuse to showcase my unique style through styling and design of my wedding day – which ignited a spark in me!

Take this day to soak up all the wonderf

I created Emma Jordan Weddings in 2018, I used it as a space to showcase wedding inspiration and how to create wedding themes through use of fashion and interiors, from this it made me realise that my passion lay with beautifully styled weddings and the need for wanting to help others create personal, contemporary & unique weddings.


I was then lucky enough to work in an amazing events space in Newcastle, where I was surrounded by creative corporate dinners and some outstanding weddings. My experience of running a huge events space grew and so did my passion for weddings. 

So that’s me, I’d LOVE to get to know you and your partner more, if you’d like to keep on track on what I’m up to give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest or get in touch with me on the form below & lets get this party started!! 

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Contact Me! 

Thank you! I look forwarding to being in touch real soon! x