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Newly Engaged & A New Lockdown?!

With the horror that is 2020 drawing to close - New Years Eve strikes and your partner has popped the question! What a fabulous light on such a whirlwind of a year! Suddenly your mind is racing with ideas and the urge to make a Pinterest board is sudden - And then we're hit with Lockdown 3.0?! (Which feels like 6.0 but never mind). You've now found yourself with a lot more time on your hands to think, not only about the fun stuff - but about the thought of planning a wedding in a global pandemic.

You’re wondering if you should broadcast the news all over social media or do you soak up all the amazingness between you and your partner or are you quick to the mark updating your status with a photo of your gorgeous ring and beaming smile! Both answers are totally and completely CORRECT! People will be so happy to finally see some good news moving into 2021!

When your partner pops the question you want to scream from the rooftops so every single person in the world knows! It’s hard to contain your excitement because now you get to focus on what will be the best day of your life. But how do we streamline all these crazy wedding related thoughts when you’re currently 500 comments deep on your Facebook full of congratulations – but all you can think about is colour schemes & who to invite.

This is where I can help. I've not only been in this position myself, but I've helped so many brides (Even during Covid) help streamline their thoughts & ideas and been able to give expert advice on a timeline which will make you feel at ease and rest assured knowing that the tasks in hand will be complete in good time and to your level of perfection.

I only wish I had an experienced/married version of myself to tell me that throwing my wedding notes across the room when I couldn’t settle on a table plan or scrolling on Pinterest at 3AM when I had a busy work day ahead wasn’t the answer. You haven’t even set a date yet – so all these questions flooding around your brain. Destination Wedding? DIY? Should we have a theme? Summer or Winter? What if I have to have a Micro Wedding? Are sharing platters allowed during Covid? Are bound to stress you out.

All of these ideas and thoughts are completely normal – before you get sucked into the Pinterest world, of such images which are mainly posed/staged/unrealistic – It’s not hard to train your wedmin focused brain from ‘How on earth do I do this?’ into the bridechilla you always saw yourself being saying ‘I got this!’

I'd highly recommend starting with a Wedding Timeline/Checklist - This is something I can offer that would be tailored to you - Or you can find generic ones online to help you get started.

It's a good idea to sit down with your partner to discuss what your ideal wedding would actually look like, weigh up some pro's and con's & start thinking about looking at some venues that you both like. It's a good idea to start thinking about a budget too.

Before jumping into big decisions - Do some research - There's a HUGE wedding world out there. It's easy to be wow'ed by some of the gorgeous wedding venues that come with recommended suppliers (I'm not saying this is a bad thing as they are all fabulous and recommended for a reason!) However if you really do some research you may be interested in a DIY Wedding or just so happen to come across some suppliers that are new, different and maybe more fitting with your budget.

Ok, so what about the fun stuff? I bet reading this you’re thinking – Well what about the decor? The centre pieces? The florals!? The best way to streamline your thoughts is to establish your own unique style and to create a mood-board. I’m talking the printing out and sticking together type mood-board to really get those juices flowing. During lockdown what a way to kill some time?

Start by thinking about styles you personally like yourself. What makes you and your partner happy? It could be a colour you both like or items of clothing you like to wear. This is a really good start to start thinking about what defines you. Do you want to go down the traditional white wedding look or popular barn wedding style – or can you incorporate your own unique style into your day that represents your relationship & the styles that make you happy? Don’t worry if you’re sat there thinking – Whats my thing? Not many people know what their 'Thing' is, many people are happy trawling looking through Pinterest and picking out designs that they feel suits their style. That's ok!

If you do find yourself stuck in a Pinterest rut where you may have festival ideas mixed with traditional - that's ok! It's all part of the fun of starting the process of designing your wedding! Something that I can offer is streamlining all your ideas into a personalised Design Brief that we work on closely together. If you want a style infusion - Let's make it happen! In a way that isn't going to look too much - but the right amount everything in the right spaces.

If Lockdown is playing on your mind - I can offer advice on how to make Micro Weddings just as spectacular as a huge wedding. Try focus on the positives this Lockdown - Reflect on your relationship & really think about how special this newly engaged bubble really is.

My inbox is always open for a chat.

I'd love to hear any proposal stories!

Lots of love & Socially distant hugs,

Emma x

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