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Top Tips for Planning a Wedding

1. Keep it real.

The world of instagram and pinterest is great to get those creative juices flowing. But after all your wedding day is YOUR big day. Rather than following the trends & feeling like your wedding needs to look a ‘certain way’ why not spend an evening with your partner and write down a few special things that you do together to see if theres a way you can tie this in to your wedding day. Maybe a place you visited on holiday helps you decide on what food to offer? Or looking around your living room and realise you both share the same taste in colour. You’ll remember these things when you look back at your big day and will be able to say ‘Thats us’ & not all just a generic wedding vision.

2. Don’t get too overwhelmed.

I’m writing this as if I didn’t hysterically cry on the day before my wedding. It is easy to get extremely overwhelmed at the whole planning process. You get one shot at a wedding day (Or sometimes not but you know what I mean), one chance to piece together everything that’s been niggling at your brain for the last 2 years, one day that you’ll remember as the best day of your life?! Of course it’s easy to forget the real meaning of a wedding day? When your balls deep into your spreadsheet, its 3 weeks till the big day & your about to have a meltdown because your cake lady isn’t responding – take a step back. Look at all the amazing ideas you have so far, look how far you’ve come in organising this all yourself?! Think of all the money you’ve saved – but most importantly look at your future husband & remember the real meaning of marriage.

3. Break the rules.

In this day in age – weddings no longer have to be traditional. Outdoor festival type weddings ARE A THING (And I really would like to attend one haha), a brides-man IS A THING. If theres one thing you should consider doing when planning your wedding is looking at ‘your typical wedding timeline’ & think about bending those rules if you wish. Don’t ever feel like you have to follow tradition – if you follow this mindset you’ll find yourself a lot more chilled on the big day knowing theres no set order in place if you don’t want it that way or no rush on what happens next. Let the day do it’s thing & soak up every second.

4. Wedding party of the century? Or a family affair?

It’s easy to get sidetracked in regards to your guest list. You can spend nights thinking… “Remember so-and-so who I used to work with back in 2004? do I invite him and his new wife? What about the new girl at work who I’ve only said hello to twice? I don’t want her to feel left out” The list could go on and on. My solution to this is simple:

Don’t feel like you have to invite every single person you know! If they aren’t going to bring fun to your day – why feel like you need to invite them just because you feel bad? You only get one wedding so make sure your surrounded by the ones you love the most. If (Like me!) friends play such an important part in your relationship – and if you have many different friendship groups… Don’t forget about your day ones. Your family. When someone in your family gets engaged it’s just in their nature to want to help in someway to help make life easier. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out to extended family who may have their own business in the industry or may know someone. Having people around you who really care about the day just as much as you do, and so happen to be a supplier, will put you at ease knowing your vision is in good hands. It’ll give your loved ones such satisfaction knowing they were able to help in someway – and no doubt save you some pennies.

5. Supporting Local/Independent Brands

This is something I feel really strongly about. My wedding planning journey goes hand in hand with wanting to collaborate with new up and coming companies in the wedding biz. Why just type into google what your looking for when you can visit local pages via facebook/instagram to really dig deep for those local pages. You’ll end up coming across people, like myself, who are crazy passionate, local, come at a good price & will do anything they can to help achieve your vision. My time researching into wedding planning I’ve came across some amazing vendors who I’m super keen to work with as part of planning/packages. However I never seemed to stumble across these pages when I was only searching for one particular thing for my wedding. So don’t be afraid to dig deep into local Facebook pages not only will you find a great deal but you’ll be helping a start up business achieve goals too. For any further information on local vendors who I’m in contact with – Please don’t hesitate to ask!

6. Mood-boards/Pinterest

I know I keep going on about how “pinterest isn’t real” – Creating a pinterest board to work out what unique styles you like is a great start. Whilst doing so, remember that keeping it real & true to yourself is more important that an image online which has probably had the best of the best from the biz working on it as a “Posed styled shoot” for months. Pinterest boards can help you mind spin off into a creative universe! You can discover colours/themes/styles that you had never really thought of until you stumbled across it. Create one board – pick the styles from that board that you REALLY like into another board – follow the themes/colours and open up your mind on how these image can piece together to become YOUR day <3

If you’re feeling super creative why not make your own mood-board like I discussed in my last blog post with some textures/colours/themes.

7. Honour your spreadsheet.

If I said the word spreadsheet more than twice in an evening – I’d be in the dog house. But that spreadsheet is your friend. Remember in a world of planning – this shit needs paid for too!  Creating a spreadsheet of all your suppliers, timings of payments, what’s left to buy etc. will seriously help in the planning process. OR if your not tech savvy – Leave this to me. I can take the full planning process including payments/dealing with suppliers off your hands.

8. Be true to yourself.

Trust your gut. Listen to your partner. Don’t let anyone change your mind/vision. Remember the real meaning of marriage <3

Write your own vows. Decide on having an un-plugged ceremony. Don’t let images hit social media before you get a chance to. Anything that will make the day more YOU.

Don’t be afraid to do so.



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