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Why a Wedding Planner? 

First off, I think it’s really important to understand the difference between a Wedding Planner/Designer and a Venue Wedding Co-Ordinator. 


Many venues will offer a Wedding Co-Ordinator as part of their packages, many couples think this means that they’ll have someone to assist full planning their wedding, of course they’ll be on hand to help with any queries they may have but this will all be venue related.

The role of a co-ordinator means they’ll be on the day to run the timeline of your wedding day, however it’s not in their job role to help assist with the rest of the planning process, for example: Help create your vision through unique design/styling meetings, create budget spreadsheets and take over the budgeting process.

If you’re looking for someone who can hash out smaller details & fine-tune your budgets alongside a bunch of other stuff: 

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Wedding planners are professionals at dealing with stress, you can think of us as you “Wedding Therapist” if you like! Trust us to be in contact with all your suppliers and to manage your budget, so you can put all your efforts into what really matters: being able to ENJOY the ride with your partner. 

Speaking of budgets, Wedding planners set out to achieve to SAVE YOU MONEY, we’ll always focus on getting the best value for money & we work with your personal incomes to decide on a budget that’s most suited for you – which we promise to stick to throughout your whole planning process.

We can recommend some of the BEST SUPPLIERS in the industry, we’ve built up relationships with other suppliers in the industry which gives us great knowledge on how they work, their unique styles and most importantly we only work with people we trust! Which is massively important when choosing suppliers. 

As a Wedding Designer & Planner, not only are the logistics important, but bringing your VISION to life is up there with our no1 priorities. 


We ensure that we meet you enough times and discuss what you like and dislike from this we’ll be able to create a beautiful mood-board of all your favourite colours and textures and work alongside other supplier to help bring your vision to life & turn your DREAMS INTO REALITY.

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